Forum OpenACS Q&A: ad_parameter error

Posted by Bob Long on
Just getting started with OpenACS. Installed OpenACS, AOLServer,
Postgres, compiled the pgdriver from this site. AOLServer starts fine
and connects to Postgres, but when I try to access a page it won't
load and the the server.log file states,

"invalid command name 'ad_parameter'"
    while executing
"ad_parameter SpecialIndexPage content"

I'm sure this is something small that I'm overlooking, but darn if I
can find it. Any ideas?

Posted by Don Baccus on
It means that you didn't correctly tell it where the Tcl library is, which means you haven't configured nsd.tcl correctly.

Did you follow the installation guide?  You've listed a bunch of things that you've done but conspicuously missing is "and then I configured nsd.tcl and <page_root>/parameters/ad.tcl".  You need to configure the configuration files before firing up OpenACS.

Posted by Bob Long on
Thanks. It looks like I may have followed the instructions a little *too* closely.

I copied and renamed the ad.tcl file and set that in nsd.tcl. But I neglected to edit the path to the Tcl library.

It's working now.