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Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Btw, seems that the "Zend Engine", which is PHP's core implementation in C, has a PHP equivalent to Tcl_Eval, call_user_function_ex().

So given that PHP already runs adequately in AOLserver, adding bi-directional Tcl/PHP support should be entirely feasible. The AOLserver support currently included with PHP 5.0.0 beta3 definitely doesn't have any such support though, I just looked.

I imagine the first step is to stick in the basic support for Tcl calling PHP and PHP calling Tcl, and start coding up friendly PHP APIs to Tcl functionality and vice-versa. Then probably later once the basics are working, change as many AOLserver/PHP API functions as feasible to call the underlying AOLserver C code directly (just like the Tcl API does), for performance. (Especially the database API!)