Forum OpenACS Q&A: Restricting access to users

Posted by Yogesh Patil on
Hello Friends,

  I am designing a module in ACS.
  In this module I have to use the existing pages of ACS.
  i.e. of ecommerce.

  But for some registered users I don't want to give access
  to all links on that page
  For eg. In /admin/ecommerce/index.tcl page
  I want to give access to links like Products,
  Orders / Shipments / Refunds only.

  User should not be able to access other links on this page

  Then How can I do this ?

  Waiting for your reply
  Thanks in advance

Best Regards

Posted by Jade Rubick on
The best thing to do, Yogesh, is to look at what other packages have done, and also look at the /api-doc documentation.

Search for permission:: and you'll see a lot of documentation.