Forum OpenACS Q&A: aD support for open-source development

Over the past several weeks ArsDigita has put the following services in place to enhance our support for open-source development:

  • Software Development Manager

    We have adopted the SDM, developed by Ben Adida and already in use at, as our primary tool for tracking ACS bugs and feature requests. SDM bug reporting was integrated into the ACS 3.4 request processor so that any page throwing an error offers the user the option of submitting an automatic bug report to

  • Browseable ACS Repository

    We set up a new CVS Web server,, to make it easier for interested developers to browse the ACS repository. This is an excellent tool for interacting with CVS and tracking the development of a project. The information is served from our live CVS repository so it is always up-to-date.

  • Anonymous access to the ACS Repository

    Interested developers can now checkout the latest source code (or export any previous release of ACS) directly from the ArsDigita CVS repository. This will make it much easier for users to contribute patches that can be quickly integrated into the ACS source tree. Use the pserver method to connect to the repository:

    cvs -d login
    password: acsrules
    cvs -d 
    checkout acs

    Again, changes will be available to any interested developer as soon as they are committed to the ACS repository by aD programmers.

There is a CVS for Web Development bboard for posting questions related to the use of CVS at ArsDigita, and articles like Version Control for Web Development using CVS that describe our policies for managing the repository.

These are steps that many developers within aD have been looking forward to taking for quite some time, and are excited to see finally in place. We hope that the availability of these tools will foster a closer relationship with the open-source community and futher accelerate development of the ArsDigita Community System.

Posted by Michael Feldstein on
These are very exciting developments. Thanks for the update.