Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: My experience upgrading from OpenACS 4.6.3 to 5.2.3

Posted by Brian Fenton on
Thanks for this Michael. I'm considering doing an upgrade on an OpenACS 4.5 system, which I believe is a much tougher jump, and it's encouraging to see that upgrades from 4.6.3 are possible.

Can I ask why you stopped at 5.2.3 and didn't take the current version?


Posted by Michael Bluett on
As I wrote above, I didn't upgrade further because of the Postgresql version my new server is running:
"I stopped upgrading at OpenACS 5.2.3 as I am using Postgresql 7.4"
I used Postgresql 7.3 on the old server to move from OpenACS 4.6.3 to 5.2.3 and then moved the code and database to the new server running Postgresql 7.4. Is there a page summarising the improvements in the different versions?

According to the compatibility matrix ( ) to upgrade from OpenACS 4.5, you first need to run Postresql 7.2 to upgrade to OpenACS 4.6.3, and then
run Postgresql 7.3 to upgrade from OpenACS 4.6.3 to OpenACS 5.2.x. And then Postgresql 8.x to upgrade beyond that.

Posted by Brian Fenton on
Oops, I missed that comment in the original mail. Thanks for pointing it out. I'm actually running on Oracle 10g so there are very little compatibility issues there for me.

I actually couldn't find the release notes describing the changes between each OpenACS release, but I'm sure they're here on the website somewhere. :-)