Forum OpenACS Q&A:'s experience with choosing hardware and some web/db related article.

I came across this article and thought it might be of interest here...
<a href="">Behind
AnandTech - The Search for the Perfect Servers</a>
The article is mostly talking about choosing hardware (motherboards,
memory, disks etc) for running  NT based web servers. Here is some
points from the article.
<li>They started off with a web page on Geocities, and them moved on
to sharing web servers with other people, and then Sun Ultra 10 and
then later to Sun Ultra 250.
<li>They use Oracle on Sun hardware
<li>Discovered how nasty it is to have ColdFusion run on Solaris :)
<li>They decide to build their own NT servers for ColdFusion and let
Oracle run on Suns
<li>Lots of detailed information about why they choose certain
motherboards etc.
<li>Most of the decisions/options they take about the processing
power, amount of memory and disk etc. are quite familiar to the web/db
crowd here.