Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Howto: Expand and Use acs-subsite Based Member Roles

Posted by Juanjo Ruiz on
Hi all,

It seems like this is the best thread explaining how to model user/group/roles in openACS for a posterior use of the permission system.

In my model there is a slightly difference which results in the impossibility to apply this process.
My new roles are not ‘membership_rel’ based but ‘composite_rel’ based.
I mean I want a ‘company_member’  new rel_type with ‘composite_rel’ as its supertype.

I’ve followed your process and all seemed to work fine, but at the end, when I try to add a group/company (not a user) in the ‘company_member’ role (set rel_id [relation_add "cluster_company" $app_grp $company_id]) what I do is to link that party to the application_group instead of the rel_segment.
But like the granted permission that I’ve added is for the rel_segment (permission::grant –party_id comp_seg  object_id $comp_obj_id –privilege write) if I add a member to the group/company (membership_rel), neither that member nor the group/company, have ‘write’ privilege on the subsite.

What I’ve thought is, ok then what I need is to add the group with a ‘composite_rel’ to the rel_segment instead of creating a new ‘company_member’ relation between the application_group and the group/company.
But well, the ‘composition_rel’ only accepts a ‘group’ object in its first argument (object_id_one) and rel_segment is a subtype of party.

I don’t know if I have explained very well my problem, but any light that you can throw over me it would be wonderful.