Forum OpenACS Q&A: ad_sec_user_id called for Nightly Spam?

One more part that doesn't seem to be working, is the nightly e-mail's
once they are in the queue.  Every night I'm getting a

    Error: Tcl evaluator error in subst call for spam_id 43: can't
"ad_sec_user_id": no such variable
    Aborting the sending of this spam.
    Notice: Querying 'update spam_history set
        n_sent = n_sent + 0 where spam_id = 43;'

Now, I've traced it back to the fact, that the call

            if {[string match $template_p "t"]} {
                if {[catch {
                    set message_body [subst $message_body_template]
                    set title [subst $title]
                } errmsg]} {
                    ns_log Error "Tcl evaluator error in subst call
for spam_id $spam$                    break

Is looking for the user's cookie, and can't so it's spitting out user
errors.  This is Bad Behavior(tm).  I'm betting the correct call might
be in the bboards, but I've yet to look at em. Anyone want to spare me
the browse time, and tell me the fix? :)

BTW, I'll also be submiting a patch that helps the Intranet Module
talk to the new-ticket system sometime during the weekend.

Posted by Ben Adida on
Ouch, that *is* ugly. Let's take a look at this one for v3.2.5. Please enter this into the SDM if you haven't done so already.