Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to GetRow Called outside fetch Loop?

Posted by Chris Hardy on
Ok, I'll Remember the Tags. Anyways, the way to re-create this problem is. Fire up the Intranet Module, add some employees (I've currently got 5 in my list), Then Create a Employee Group in the user groups. Go over to the /admin/spam directory, Add a file called intranetstatus, mine is
     Dear $first_names,

     The following is summary of the previous day at MajesticWorks.  You may view this online at [im_url]/status-report.tcl

     [im_status_report $db 1 "" "email_summary"]
Then Select the User Class for your employees, have subject like MajesticWorks Status for %%DATE%% stick intranetstatus for the Filename, make the Frequency Daily and make it a template.. Few minutes later, you might get an error. >:)