Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Linux kernel for Oracle on 8 GB RAM machine?

Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Patrick Giagnocavo suggested I look at the kernel.config file from the Red Hat srpm, which for some reason I hadn't thought of. So I downloaded the 33 MB kernel-2.4.21-4.EL.src.rpm , extracted all the files with "rpm2cpio kernel-2.4.21-4.EL.src.rpm | cpio -idv", and took a look.

There are 17 different kernel-2.4.21-*.config files, 3 which I assume might be appropriate for Xeons:


I'm not going to look through that stuff in detail nor build a kernel right now, but diff'ing some of the different config files is itself instructive. E.g. the "smp" and "hugemem" i686 kernel configs both have both CONFIG_HIGHMEM64G=y and CONFIG_X86_NUMA=y set, which is not what I'd have naively expected.