Forum OpenACS Development: Re: FYI: User message feature

Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
On the real issue of confirmation at the top of the page, yes, good work, OpenACS definitely should have that! :) Lars' description of how to implement that sounds like the right thing to me. Of course, in that design, the code displaying the "your foo has been saved" message never actually checks that the foo was in fact saved correctly, it just believes what the referring told it. But that should be fine, especially since it seems like a good idea to avoid an extra DB hit there.

On the minor question of adding some sort of "-abort" switch to ad_returnredirect, no, IMNSHO, I don't think that's such a good idea. This is a minor and not at all particularly important issue, but I figured I might as well present my reasoning:

There are perfectly good reasons to do a redirect without stopping further execution of the Tcl script (we all know that). Currently, ad_returnredirect is a nice simple proc that does exactly one thing (this is good). And I don't see how any advantage to the developer in adding an "-abort_script_p 1" "-abort" or whatever switch to his ad_returnredirect call rather than adding a "ad_script_abort" line immediately after ad_returnredirect. Adding the switch isn't any savings in typing nor easier to remember, so I don't see any advantage at all to the extra tiny little bit of complexity. Adding such a switch to ad_returnredirect looks like pointless and fattening syntactic sugar to me.