Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: aolserver 4 install errors

Posted by Dion Sweat on
aolserver 4 is now running.  when i originally installed tcl, i didn't configure it with threads enabled.  aolserver complained about that fact so i went back and configured it with threads.  but even with threads enabled i got the error message i posted above (but no complaints about threads enabled).  after posting to the bulltein board, i went back to start the process over again, this time starting with make distclean.  i didn't do a make distclean previously and is the only thing i changed this time, and it worked.

now i can't start aolserver on port 80.  i am starting it as root.

[31/Jan/2004:10:27:24][15472.16384][-main-] Error: nssock: failed to listen on Permission denied