Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to GetRow Called outside fetch Loop?

Posted by Dan Wickstrom on
This is the section in spam-daemon.tcl that's giving the error:
	    if {[string match $template_p "t"]} {
		if {[catch {
		    set message_body [subst $message_body_template]
		    set title [subst $title]
		} errmsg]} {
		    ns_log Error "Tcl evaluator error in subst call for spam_id $spam_id: $errmsg
Aborting the sending of this spam."
	     } else {
		 set message_body $message_body_template

So it looks like there is still a problem with your template. Have you changed your template? Try adding a ns_log message in spam-daemon.tcl to output $message_body_template. The template probably references ad_sec_user_id or calls a routine that references it. It's probably called from inside of im_status_report somewhere.