Forum OpenACS Q&A: Aggregated to-do list

Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
A lot of talking has happened on the priorities for OpenACS and quite some things have been documented in forum postings, in Chat or at individual websites, what tasks need to be done to improved OpenACS.

Sadly it is not aggregated in *one* place. Additionally, it is not easy for people to see, who is working on a certain task and even harder to judge, who is able to do it.

To achieve this I would like to start an aggregated to-do list with subtopics that don't reflect modules. Ideally I would use a mixture between MindMaps and Lifebalance, but both are not web-based and I don't want to reprogram their organizing principle into OpenACS.

Therefore I've been thinking about using bugtracker in it's "task" version once we upgraded to 5-0. Everyone can create tasks and assign them to "senior developer","developer","user","anyone" (and whatever categories of people we come up with). This should make it easy for people to quickly see what tasks match their skills and start on them.

If tasks are depening on others to complete first, I'm not sure if this is already supported by bugtracker. If not, we could just mention the pre-task at the top of the task description.

Furthermore we will have to judge the importance and the complexity of each job (which is harder to judge, as this depends on the skillset we assume for each of the groups).

At least it should give us a pretty good overview what challanges are out there for the community. At best it will encourage the currently more passive people to take on some tasks and bring the community to a newer stage.

For myself it is the first step into the "Bazaar" idea and I'm willing to start it. But before doing this, as you are the target audience, I'd love to get some feedback, if this seems a feasible approach and if you'd be willing to just report tasks in such a fashion (this shall not prevent anyone from writing a spec on their homepage and link to it from the task tracker, see Collaboraid's excellent ideas).

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Posted by Mark Aufflick on
what would be neat would be to have a self-prioritising list - where they are sorted by votes (OCT members weighted higher).