Forum OpenACS Development: Re: RFC: Rules for Version Numbering and tagging of non-core packages

My idea is to use a non-core package repository as we do with dotlrn at the moment. If you want to have more than your usual set of packages, you can either install them using the webinterface or you can do a cvs checkout out of the non-core package repository. Each package could get a tag for each core-version it has been reported to work, so you could say:

cvs -d /non-core-cvsroot -r openacs-5-2 forums

This would allow in the long run to distribute packages not from the cvs repository at This might be good, if someone forks a package for a reason, that does not apply to everybody but a certain subset of OpenACS users.

But it does not have to be that way.

Andrew's suggestion is elegant. But there's no reason that the same "standardized" tag couldn't be used across isolated repositories as Malte suggested. And, the same version of a package could be tagged with multiple "compat" tags. Sounds pretty cool to me...