Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to GetRow Called outside fetch Loop?

Posted by Chris Hardy on
Spoke to fast Once again I got the
Errors since 01/Sep/2000:00:19:15

    Error: Tcl evaluator error in subst call for spam_id 50: can't read
"ad_sec_user_id": no such variable
    Aborting the sending of this spam.
    Notice: Querying 'update spam_history set
        n_sent = n_sent + 0 where spam_id = 50;'
I went and looked in my log's, and gto
[01/Sep/2000:00:20:06][20246.69636][-sched:93-] Debug: db = nsdb0 selection = t10
[01/Sep/2000:00:20:06][20246.69636][-sched:93-] Debug: 

Dear $first_names,

The following is summary of the previous day at MajesticWorks.  You may
view this online at [im_url]/status-report.tcl

[im_status_report $db2 1 "" "email_summary"]

------- Removal instructions ------
Now what exactly is the purpose of the subst call? It seems to be the culprate that is causing problems. I looked at bboards and it calls
       if [catch { ns_sendmail $email $maintainer_email "$topic forum $frequency summary" $msg_body $extraheaders} errmsg] {
Sendmail directly, and never runs the statements through subst. Something in this call is looking for the user cookie, and since no-one is logged in, it's failing.. Any ideas?