Forum OpenACS Development: Re: RFC: Rules for Version Numbering and tagging of non-core packages

If there's a desire for it, Malte's suggestion sounds basically reasonable, but there are some drawbacks.

If in your packages directory, you have package A checked out from one CVS repository and package B checked out from another, doing CVS operations withing either package A or B will work just fine, but doing any operations across both package A and B at once (e.g., "cvs -nq up") will not work. At least, it didn't work when I just tried it.

The packages directory has a CVS/Root file too of course. Let's say that it points to repository-A, but package-B is checked out from repository-B instead. Well, repository-A doesn't have any packages/package-B directory, so when CVS sees package-B, it just silently skips it. The fact that packages/package-B/CVS/Root points to a different yet valid repository makes no difference.

For any real site you'd already have vendor imported everything into your own CVS repository anyway, so it doesn't matter there. What about OpenACS developers doing stuff that requires co-ordinated change across multiple packages? Malte says dotLrn CVS is set up that way now, so re-factoring and moving code from dotLrn into OpenACS should be a good test case. You guys who've done any of that, are you ok with the way CVS has worked for you there?