Forum OpenACS Development: Re: RFC: automated installer

Posted by Joel Aufrecht on
We are using and improving the OpenACS install script continuously. Any replacement should offer at least the same functionality (create a new openacs site from scratch, tear down and rebuild an existing site). The only direction forward that really makes any sense to me is to pick one or more distros and create and commit to maintain packages for them. Those packages should specify their dependencies and then re-implement the stuff in the script in the native language of that particular installer platform.

In this scenario, we still need a fairly generic script to serve as the reference across different implementations. Note that the current install script is in fact a bash script, not a tclwebtest script. Tclwebtest is required for a single call, and for some advanced features such as doing a link test after installation.

So the most useful approach would be to pick an existing distribution platform that already has all of the dependencies, and make an OpenACS package on top of that. Out of RPM, debian, bsd ports, fink, etc, which one is closest? What scripting languages do they use? Which is most useful to the broadest range of existing and immediate potential users?

The better solution, tongue in cheek, is to start charging $10,000 for installation services. Then we'd be recognizably enterprise-class.