Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: compiling problem with aolserver 4.0 on debian sarge.

Is the current Debian Testing Tcl 8.4.x compiled with --enable-threads (aka, thread-safe)? You must use a Tcl compiled with --enable-threads, which for reasons unknown to me, is not usually the default.

Also, you should probably make sure you are using the most recent Tcl 8.4.x release. As of early January, Tcl 8.4.4+ had some memory leaks, mostly with the file-related commands (file, glob, etc.), but Zoran Vasiljevic just reported today on the AOLserver list that the Tcl core-8-4-branch CVS branch now has those fixed. Based on its release date, my guess is those were not yet fixed in Tcl 8.4.5, but then since AFAIK they're "just" memory leaks they shouldn't cause nearly as much trouble as using a non-thread-safe Tcl.