Forum .LRN Q&A: .LRN Meeting Minutes 17/Jun/08

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Posted by Alvaro Rodriguez on
Emmanuelle, Raul, Don, Dave, Carl, Mario, Avni, Alberto

1. release schedule
Mario Fixed the warning with homework portlet
Release 2.4.0 on this weekend

2. only have two weeks to complete the move
We are setting up a virtual machine now at mgh and will move to zill
Dave and Deeds are going to help move things
Michael started setting up a VM yesterday 06-17-08
Need to get Mike to point DNS there
At the slowest rate it should probably propagate everywhere within 2 days, and probably within one
Getting the site up on new server is going to be the hardest part
PG 8.2 for search
Use the ubuntu packages for PG, aolserver and tcl
but we need xotcl and tdom