Forum OpenACS Development: Re: XoTCL TableWidget: noquote?

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
TABLE::Field has a parameter "richtext" which can be set to true, default is false. This parameter can be used like other parameters "label" etc. See as well:

hope, this helps
-gustaf neumann

Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
Yes, thanks a lot, this did the trick. Out of curiosity, how would you document the meaning of each of the parameters, as I was looking at the xotcl object hierarchy and I did not think about richtext setting to true when I looked over the Table:Field class. Though I think I actually looked TableWidget and not for the field and there wasn't a connection between the two of them. And when I looked now it took me a while to find Table::Field amongs the Table::TABLE::Field and the other TABLE2 and TABLE3.

What would be the best practice if you have a class like TableWidget to find out what are the things you can add to it (like Fields). I don't want to bother you all the time with asking.

Maybe we could have a small docu for the most often found things in the code (e.g. TableWidget) that points to other classes to look at?

Or any other best practice (even if it involves grep on the XoWIKI package) would be highly appreciated. And yes, grep on XoWIKI helps a lot to find out about potential parameters and how to use things :-).