Forum OpenACS Q&A: What's the Lag?

Posted by Tyler Hains on
What is the typical lag between releases of the regular ACS and their
conversion to Open ACS? I assume the version numbers are equivalent?
(eg, 3.2.1 in Open ACS is mostly the same as ACS 3.2.1)
Posted by Ben Adida on
There is no typical lag. Also, OpenACS is going to very clearly expand into its own product. With version 4.0, modules will be either ACS, OpenACS, or both. OpenACS 4.0 core will support the same API as ACS core 4.0.

So the real response to your question is: we are not porting 3.3 or 3.4. We are going to start soon on 4.0, and the goal I'd like to see us hit is a stable November 1 release. After that, things will be much more distributed in the porting/development of new modules. This will be independent from work on OpenACS core.

Posted by Talli Somekh on
i have some general questions about how the port will take

how can we volunteer to help with the port?  how will the port
team be organized?  when will the porting begin?

have these issues been worked out?  is there a way i can help?


Posted by Ben Adida on
If you're interested in porting ACS 4.0, you should email me
directly ( As I mentioned in the long report I wrote
a few days ago, porting will being shortly after OpenACS 3.2.4
(which is being released today). The teams will be structured
along the lines of the core and the individual packages. While I
will lead the core development, knowledgeable people who want
to lead the porting of individual packages should *definitely*
email so we can do some truly distributed hacking.