Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Urgent! Need help with data model!

Posted by Bob OConnor on

Ravi, Basically new records are added to the users table only when registering. so I would modify the tcl file that does this: /register/user-new-2.tcl. Just add a field to the statement:

set insert_statement "insert into users (user_id...

No need to drop the users table.... There already is a field: "screen_name". So for existing records you could fill them with unique names like this in psql: (this may not be exact syntax).

update users set screen_name=users.user_id;

Be careful with above. It will change ALL user records in the table.

To see all the tables in the system, from psql
type: d or for the fields in users_contact
type: d users_contact.

Check out the documentation at there is a good pdf book there that will help you learn sql. Also check out for some great basics by David Cohen.