Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Alternate Template for XOWiki Output

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Is there any reason why you have not replaced the template-file "view-links" in
<include src="/packages/xowiki/lib/view" url="@url@" template_file="view-links">
with something fitting your needs? Within the adp/tcl pair you have access to all variables. 
Posted by Steve Manning on
Hi Gustaf

Thats why I thought I'd ask - I knew there would be a simpler method :o)

I was trying to pass back to the master template from the template in /content/ and of course there is no easy method to do this. But of course I can just create a page consisting of only the <include> then handle the templates from an adp in /xowiki/www/. I've had to modify the view.tcl in /xowiki/lib to substitute the /cms/ links with /content/ but otherwise that works a treat.

So now I have /content/index.vuh with just:

    rp_form_put url "/cms/[ad_conn path_info]"
    rp_internal_redirect template.adp
feeding /content/template.adp with just the include:
    <include src="/packages/xowiki/lib/ext-view" url="@url@" template_file="fd-external-view">
That calls the modified view.tcl/adp pair in the /xowiki/lib which render the page using the template fd-external-view.adp in /xowiki/www.