Forum OpenACS Development: Re: POST Method can be broken when using host node map

Posted by Eduardo Santos on
Sorry for the short info. The first one is the mapped URL:

The second one is the absolute URL:

I don't know if the request processor is the problem either. I had the same thoghts as you did in this case. However, the subsite must work in both cases (supplying THE host-node mapped URL and the absolute one), and in order to do that, I can't see any solution that doesn't involve the request processor.

Posted by Dave Bauer on
If I visit

The form HTML looks like:
form class="margin-form" style="margin: 0px;" action="/register/" method="post" name="login"

Which looks correct. The post goes to the same URL. There should not be any redirects occuring. That is there should not be an external browser redirects. It should map the URL internally.

If I visit

the form HTML looks like
form class="margin-form" style="margin: 0px;" action="/mpv/register/" method="post" name="login"

I think I'll review your patch again and see if can understand what the request processor does in this case.