Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: on new server!

Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on
This is the Reply-To (with some spam bot protection) that I get from this message:

Reply-To: mailer <notification-1631343-2960[at]openacs[dot]org>

What is the problem? Can you clarify?

Posted by Steve Manning on
Apologies Carl

You are correct. When I view the mail source the Reply-To looks correct but my MUA (Evolution) is displaying it in the mangled form I mentioned and only on messages since the server move. When I look at the message source on the mail server itself there is a subtle difference between the messages before and after the move:

Before: Reply-To: " mailer" <mailto:notification-1605297-2960@openacs...

After: Reply-To: mailer <mailto:notification-1631369-2960@openacs...

Obviously Evolution doesn't like the lack of quotes.

- Steve

Posted by Dave Bauer on
I added the quotes. I am not sure what happened when we moved the code over. It should be working ok now.
Posted by Steve Manning on
It is indeed.

Thanks Dave & Co for all your effort with this move.