Forum OpenACS Development: Re: RFC: automated installer

Posted by Janine Ohmer on
It's good to know that we will continue to use tclwebtest, but I am also concerned about the automated install script.  It currently seems sort of experimental, and that might mean it has no real commitment from it's owner /author to keep it updated.  Is it considered important enough that someone will keep maintaining it?
Posted by Joel Aufrecht on
Collaboraid will keep maintaining it until an equivalent replacement is available.  It provides these functions:
1) takes about 5 critical parameters (name, ip, port, directory) and many optional ones
2) set up full working OpenACS instance or .LRN instance, supervised by daemontools, from CVS checkout of specified tag
3) drop and rebuild an existing OpenACS instance
4) run from command line
5) report success/failure in parseable xml file

It has been working well for us for several months and is no longer experimental.  It is no more finicky about paths and versions than the standard OpenACS installation, which is to say that it is pretty finicky.