Forum OpenACS Q&A: Meeting in Las Vegas/Comdex

Posted by Adam Farkas on
I've arranged for myself & several other ArsDigitans to meet at the fall Comdex in Las Vegas, November 13-17. It should be a fun show, as the Linux pavilion at the Sands looks pretty big this year.

It would be great if OpenACS fans could make it out there. I was planning on having a little get-together for us all, probably on the 14th.

By the time November rolls around, we should be deep into OpenACS 4.0 porting & module building. Comdex would be a good place to talk about what's happening and the direction of future development. (Never underestimate the power of meeting face-to-face -- I just came back from Roberto's conference in Utah, and it was well worth the time spent.)

There are still hotel rooms available on the strip; This site is showing decent prices at a few of the larger hotels [including the new and ultra-gaudy Paris, Las Vegas.]

Hope to see you there!

Posted by Chris Hardy on
Well, I'll be at Comdex.. Sounds good, let us know more as the date gets closer..
Posted by Roberto Mello on
I'll be going to Comdex and I am looking forward to seeing other OpenACS'ers there. We should decide on a place and time to meet and do something from there.

It sure was nice to meet Adam and Uday from ArsDigita in our Free Software Forum. Our joint presentation focusing on OpenACS has been ripped into MP3 and we'll make it available (also video) on our website shortly, along with the other presentations and Richard Stallman's speech.

I've been seeing people all over the USU campus with ArsDigita baseball caps and ultra-cool ArsDigita/OpenACS t-shirts (4 people in my Data Structures class). ArsDigita's presence generated a lot of interest in ACS and OpenACS, setting a good ground for our adoption of MIT 6916 in the near future (next spring) based on OpenACS, and for our "Open BootCamps".

Posted by Talli Somekh on
i was wondering whether there are any openacs-ers or other
hanger ons that would like to band together and look for some
sort of package deal to las vegas.  the prices right now aren't
really prohibitively expensive right now, but if a bunch of yahoos
got together and headed on over to sin city from the big apple,
i'm sure we could get slightly better rates.  please email me at


Posted by Roberto Mello on
Any news on this? Day and location of meeting for ACS/OpenACS users/developers? I need to plan which days of school I need to skip to make it to this meeting 😊