Forum OpenACS Development: Re: POST Method can be broken when using host node map

Hi Dave,

It seems like the ad_conn have to be fixed. Actually, i don't know if this would fix, but the code that changes ad_conn behavior is this:

# Normal case: Prepend the root to the URL.
# 3. set the intended URL
ad_conn -set url ${root}${url}

# 4. set urlv and urlc for consistency
set urlv [lrange [split $root /] 1 end]
ad_conn -set urlc [expr [ad_conn urlc]+[llength $urlv]]
ad_conn -set urlv [concat $urlv [ad_conn urlv]]

I don't know if this is necessary. Maybe it is for the redirect, but I guess there's somebody better than myself to talk about this.

As we are talking about it, there's another thing that needs to be fixed in order do the host-node map to work better. There should be an way that the singleton packages are rendered in the same URL, no matter the domain. As an example, and should both serve dotlrn. The same for acs-lang and others.

Maybe a memoized list with the singleton packages URL before the patch would solve it?