Forum OpenACS Q&A: uninstalled bookmarks module and ACS 3.2.4

On a fresh install of ACS 3.2.4, I got the following errors:

    Error: Ns_PgExec: result status: 7 message: ERROR:  Relation
'bm_list' does not exist
    Notice: ad_summarize_user_contributions got an error calling
bm_user_contributions:  Database operation "1row" failed (exception
NSDB, "Query was not a statement returning rows.")

I understand that the bookmarks module is not ready yet for prime time, and hence the data model for the bookmarks module is not loaded by default. Should the bookmarks-def.tcl be left unloaded, too (when aolserver initializes)? I got rid of the above errors (or rather, I haven't gotten the same errors yet) when I put "return" as the first command in bookmarks-def.tcl.

This probably belongs to SDM, but there is no bookmarks module entry in SDM.

I wish I saw the development of ACS 3.2.4 on cvs, but I must be missing something obvious: how do I access the cvs of OpenACS?

CVS is hosted on SourceForge. This page: have the instructions on how to access CVS. Module name is acs3-pg. You can also browse CVS here:
Posted by Alex Sokoloff on
I just about have the bookmarks module ported over - I'm hoping to have it finished this afternoon... we'll see. If it's up to snuff and there's interest in having it, perhaps it can be added to the 3.2.4 release.


Posted by Jowell Sabino on
Thanks for the info regarding the sources on cvs.  May I suggest putting this info in, say, the  "software" link ( ?
5: Modified bookmark query (response to 1)
Posted by John MacArthur on
I'm sure someone much brighter than I is working on the bookmarks issues, but to get it working (the index page anyway) I converted the bookmark_query statement in /bookmarks/index.tcl from an outer join to a union. The order by is different here as well as PG doesn't support '||' for varchars (?). If this has already been done I couldn't find in the CVS.

    coalesce (bl1.local_title, bu1.url_title) as bookmark_title,
    length (bl1.parent_sort_key) * 8 as indent_width
    bm_list bl1, bm_urls bu1
    bl1.url_id = bu1.url_id
    and owner_id = 3
    and in_closed_p = 'f'
union all
    bl2.local_title as bookmark_title,
    null as complete_url,
    null as last_live_date,
    null as last_checked_date,
    length (bl2.parent_sort_key) * 8 as indent_width
    bm_list bl2
    bl2.url_id not in
        (select url_id from bm_urls bu2)
    and owner_id = 3
    and in_closed_p = 'f'
order by
    parent_sort_key, local_sort_key

Posted by John MacArthur on
One might try using owner = $user_id rather than a hard coded user id. Much more useful. Sorry for being so obviously new at this.
Posted by Dan Wickstrom on
We've had recent postings about completed ports of the bookmarks module, though after checking in cvs, it appears that neither one has been checked in(?).

Pg does support '||' on varchar, but you sometimes need to add a cast to get things to work correctly. You can also do something like:

select parent_sort_key || local_sort_key as sort_key, 


order by sort_key