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23: Response to Group bboards (response to 1)
Posted by Titi Ala'ilima on
the main difference between the 3.4 bboards and the Ybos bboards is continuity of module scoping. the aD bboards have forums which are scoped, but that only serves to restrict whether or not a given user can see them, i.e. all public forums and all forums which belong to a group you are in are visible to you. With the Ybos bboards, given forums are only accessible within the right context, i.e. public forums are accessible from /bboard and group forums through /groups/group-name/bboard. Moreover, we carried the group look-and-feel (display module) through the whole module.

In the process of putting our version together, we discovered the scoping mechanisms have some great parts to them, but overall need a major overhaul. So it didn't seem worth it to re-do all of our work for 3.4, since 4.0 will be completely different (I hope)