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Posted by Dan Wickstrom on
Has anybody had any success loading acs classic 4.0 alpha 2. I get the following error while when running the installation:
[28/Sep/2000:23:06:23][8795.4101][-conn0-] Notice: No errors.

[28/Sep/2000:23:06:24][8795.4101][-conn0-] Notice: 	check (min_n_values <= max_n_values)

[28/Sep/2000:23:06:24][8795.4101][-conn0-] Notice: 	                       *

[28/Sep/2000:23:06:24][8795.4101][-conn0-] Notice: ERROR at line 26:

[28/Sep/2000:23:06:24][8795.4101][-conn0-] Notice: ORA-01450: maximum key length (1578) exceeded

[28/Sep/2000:23:06:24][8795.4101][-conn0-] Notice: comment on table apm_parameters is '

This appears to be happening at line 589 in apm-create.sql which corresponds to this section of code:
create table apm_parameters (
	parameter_id		constraint apm_parameters_fk 
				references acs_objects(object_id)
			        constraint apm_parameters_pk primary key,
	package_key		varchar(100)
				constraint apm_pack_param_pack_key_nn not null 	
				constraint apm_pack_param_type_fk
			        references apm_package_types (package_key),
	parameter_name		varchar(100) 
				constraint apm_pack_params_name_nn not null,
        description		varchar(2000),
	section_name		varchar(2000),
	datatype	        varchar(100) not null
			        constraint apm_parameter_datatype_ck 
				check(datatype in ('number', 'string')),
	default_value		varchar(4000),
	min_n_values		integer default 1 not null
			        constraint apm_paramters_min_n_ck
			        check (min_n_values >= 0),
	max_n_values		integer default 1 not null
			        constraint apm_paramters_max_n_ck
			        check (max_n_values >= 0),
	constraint apm_paramters_attr_name_un
	unique (section_name, parameter_name, package_key),
	constraint apm_paramters_n_values_ck
	check (min_n_values <= max_n_values)

I don't see anything unusual here, and it doesn't seem like a configuration error.