Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: 5.0: Installation: missing clue (running on port 80)

Posted by Bart Teeuwisse on

see the AOLserver documentation. Or the AOLserver usage information:

Usage: /usr/local/aolserver/bin/nsd [-h|V] [-i|f] [-u <user>] [-g <group>] [-r <path>] [-b <address:port>|-B <file>] [-s <server>] \
-t <file>

  -h  help (this message)
  -V  version and release information
  -i  inittab mode
  -f  foreground mode
  -d  debugger-friendly mode (ignore SIGINT)
  -u  run as <user>
  -g  run as <group>
  -r  chroot to <path>
  -b  bind <address:port>
  -B  bind address:port list from <file>
  -s  use server named <server> in config file
  -t  read config from <file> (REQUIRED)

You need to provide -b <address:port>. Or if you are planning on using both HTTP and HTTPS -B <file> where <file> contains: