Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: 5.0: Installation: missing clue (running on port 80)

Posted by Hans Gaasenbeek on
Thanks. I have been able to change it.

But now: when using svc -u /service/service0 the site comes up, but when it restarts (e.g. after installing software) nsd is running, but not listening. Error:

[15/Feb/2004:20:43:58][22135.16384][-main-] Error: nssock: failed to listen on permission denied

(I changed the IP address in this example).

I don't understand why it cannot listen. I have this problem when using svc as root or as a normal user. Maybe it is not possible to use daemontools with aolserver on port 80??? Why is it not in the docs? It is a nightmare. I suppose in the end most sites will use port 80, so this is not very strange? I think I should use sudo.