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9: Re: nasty little fix (response to 8)
Posted by Bart Teeuwisse on

It is very well possible to run AOLserver with daemontools on port 80. I do it all the time. Probably a configuration issue on your end.


10: Re: nasty little fix (response to 9)
Posted by Joel Aufrecht on

"If you want to use port 80, there are complications. First, AOLserver must be root to use system ports such as 80, but refuses to run as root for security reasons. Thus you must start as root and specify a non-root user ID and Group ID which AOLserver will switch to after claiming the port. To do so, find the UID and GID of the service0 user via grep service0  /etc/passwd and then put those numbers into the command line via -u 501 -g 502. Second, if you are root then killall will affect all OpenACS services on the machine, so if there's more than one you'll have to do ps -auxw | grep nsd and selectively kill by job number."

11: Re: nasty little fix (response to 10)
Posted by Guan Yang on
pgrep -fl and pkill -fl are your friends.
18: Re: nasty little fix (response to 10)
Posted by Hans Gaasenbeek on
Yes, I read that, and, yes, I tried it but, no, that does not do the trick.