Forum OpenACS Q&A: How to use international characters like á, ñ, ó.

After trying all the configuration options in nsd.tcl related to
ecodings, compiling AOLserver31+ad8, reading the documentation about
this stuff at aD I still can't configure OpenACS in correct way
with respect to the European languages' "strange" characters. Simbols
like "á" or "ñ" or "é" in forum postings (like this) looks like
strange two-character mess. I do know that this is the "equivalent" of
unicode but *can't figure out* what to change. Any idea is wellcome
and TIA.
Hello Svetoslav,

In the early beginning I was encounting problems with se-latin-1.
This was with Pg 6.5.2 and AOLserver 3.0rc1 but after I changed to Pg 6.5.3 and AOLserver 3.0 I was doing fine.
Some days ago I had an unpleasant Deja Vu experience. On the day you posted actually😊.
In my case the hook was that I had altered to nsd8x instead of nsd76 on my latest install (Pg 7.0.2, AOLserver 3.1ad8).

Hope this helps... By the way, what language are you using?

I wonder if these swedish characters make it? Ã?, Ã?, Ã- ...I guess not!

Are we running nsd8x or nsd76 here on OpenACS?

Hello Ola,

Thank you for your answer. Indeed the problem is related with the tcl version. With nsd76 there is no problem because the unicode internal representation for the tcl interpretter was introduced in 8.x. I just tested my configuration with nsd76 and it seems that everything is ok. BUT can somebody comment is there part of OpenACS which _needs_ some 8.x feature. If no using nsd76 can be acceptable temporary solution.

PS: I am interested in using OpenACS with Spanish.

I had similar problems with the latest RH 6.2 and 7.1 rpms from Jonathan's page... The solution suggested here does not seem to work with me (or I just didn't do it right). It could also have to do with AOLServer, because the 3.4 release notes suggest a solution has been found. I haven't tested it yet.
I have found a way to get AOLServer/OpenACS working with LATIN2 charset, check out this thread.
Also look at

For a note about setting the config and initdb params for Unicode sorting to work.