Forum OpenACS Q&A: Please contribute to list of (Open)ACS sites.

At this link[1] you can submit public (Open)ACS sites that you're aware of. Promoting these sites will help us bring a wider audience to the platform. So please submit any site that you're particularly proud of.

(PS -- i've already submitted; it hasn't been approved as yet :-) )


Posted by Don Baccus on
There's also a list of OpenACS sites here at  It would be nice if OpenACS users were to list their sites both here and at aD's site.
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Posted by Scott Mc Williams on
Thanks Adam! Let the powers that be know that when goes live, there will be much more actual ACS functionality. I'll submit that when it's live (we're waiting on a new box first).

My next big project is a full community site that will be the of vintage VW buses.


Posted by Code Warrior on
Well, I'm working on it.... not ready to add my site to the list just yet....

I started reading "Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing" a year ago when I was in Korea but it hasn't been up to now that I felt I was ready to start working with OpenACS.... it's been quite a year.

The RPMS script is really nice... you know you are off to a good start when you have the right versions of everything and they work together.

But anyway... back to work.