Forum OpenACS Development: Re: WebDAV Support package added to OpenACS

Posted by Juanjo Ruiz on
Great news!!!! Thanks to all of you.

Just one minor problem in the sql. In oracle 8.1.6 the constraint identifiers are too long. I've changed the create table:
create table dav_site_node_folder_map (
        node_id      integer
                        constraint dav_site_fldr_map_node_id_un
                        constraint dav_side_fldr_map_node_id_fk
                        references apm_packages,
        folder_id       integer
                        constraint dav_impls_folder_id_fk
                        references cr_folders,
        enabled_p       char(1)
                        constraint dav_site_fldr_map_enabled_p
                        check (enabled_p in ('t','f'))
\-.-/ juanjo