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16: Form data lost on IE/SSL (response to 1)
Posted by Jose Mendez on
We recently implemented SSL  on our server and we are experiencing the same problem with Internet Explorer.
Everytime a forms is sent over SSL, ad_page_contract compains that the form elements were not sent.

We have done some testing and this problems appears to only affect IE as we have not been able to replicate it in Mozilla, Firebird, or Opera.  Another thing is that it does not happen when we use the standard HTTP.

We have added code to rp_handler to try and identify what is happening and the one thing that we see is that whenever this happens, the request arrives to the server with no form data.  It's like the browser never sent the form or as if it got lost  somewhere along the way.

We've tried setting the KeepAliveTimeout to zero on the configuration file but it didn't make a difference. I'm also not sure that it has anything to do with any redirecting problems as I don't see any messages in the log reporting a redirect by rp_filter prior to the messages by rp_handler.

Any ideas? Thanks.