Forum OpenACS Q&A: OpenACS virtual hosting/reseller setup for small businesses?


Does anyone have experience or thoughts on using an OpenACS/pgSQL/AOLserver setup on a dedicated server..... such as one from Rackspace or some such place.... and selling "virtual hosting" to small businesses? Either doing the web site for them or letting them do their own thing within a set diskspace/bandwith agreement.

I'm thinking this would be a way to help pay for the cost of a dedicated server, evangelize Open Source to the small business community and "earn while you learn" -- while helping small businesses get on the web and begin doing some e-commerce.

Would the OpenACS and it's modules lend themselves to this sort of setup? Or would one need to set up a complete and separate instance of the OpenACS/pgSQL for each company's web site running off the same server box?

I'm looking forward to your thoughts and experiences,


We (furfly) plan to offer this;  unfortunately it keeps getting pushed back due to client work and I've given up trying to estimate when it will actually launch.  It is in the works, however!

Our intention is to allow each user to install their own copy of OpenACS;  it can't work any other way.  There will be only one Postgres installation, though, and each person will have their own login.