Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Linux kernel for Oracle on 8 GB RAM machine?

Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
I don't have good info handy, but a while we saw problems when running Oracle 8.1.7.x on a >4 GB RAM Linux box in the past (which some late version of the 2.4.x kernel). I think it had to do with running out of "low memory".

It was pointed out to me that Red Hat's Linux 2.6 vs. RHEL 3 kernel feature summary has some relevent info.

This RHEL feature, which apparently is not in the 2.6 kernel, might be the correct fix for the "low memory" problem:

  • 4GB-4GB memory split: Greatly increased x86 physical memory support and larger application address space
And these, all of which are in both the RHEL 3 and Linux 2.6 kernels, might be related:
  • Reverse Map Virtual Memory (rmap VM): Performance improvement in memory constrained systems
  • HugeTLBFS: Performance improvement for large virtual memory applications (e.g. Databases)
  • Remap_file_pages: Kernel memory optimization for shared memory applications