Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Need help with Site-wide-search and search packages

Posted by Dirk Gomez on
The code in the repository was the basis for site-wide search on the ShareNet
project and I recently talked to the guy who was the lead developer on this
and his comment was: "To save time you better start from scratch".

Here's the bit that I experienced (I worked on it as well):

* Its performance with real-life amount of data was simply awful.

* It didn't work with umlauts.

* It has a lot of weird, weird code like if's that are always true, dynamic
  ddl, abstraction layers etc.

Given that no-one has worked on it for more than two years it should be even
more useless to use it. E.g. it still indexes the forums packages which has
been deprecated a long time ago.

The ACES solution is the ACS3 solution which has worked in this way or another
on many ACS-backed sites, I worked about two years with it and I find it
pretty reasonable, so I think it is sound approach to port it.