Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: acs-mail-lite throws ORA-01461 or ORA-24816 if *client* is on 10g

Hi Jade,

Yes, reordering fixed it. Below my cvs diff, though your revision numbers will likely be different. In my cvs commit message, I noted: "Move the 3 CLOB binds to end. My fix for OpenACS bug 3087". See that and, from there, patch 841.

Thanks for picking up this loose end that I left!

diff -u -r1.1.1.2 -r1.2
--- acs-mail-lite/tcl/acs-mail-lite-procs-oracle.xql    15 Jun 2005 01:46:32 -0000
+++ acs-mail-lite/tcl/acs-mail-lite-procs-oracle.xql    19 Mar 2007 16:26:34 -0000      1.2
@@ -55,11 +55,13 @@
     <fullquery name="acs_mail_lite::send.create_queue_entry">
             insert into acs_mail_lite_queue 
-            (message_id, to_addr, from_addr, subject, body, extra_headers, bcc,
-             package_id, valid_email_p)
+            (message_id, to_addr, from_addr, subject,
+             package_id, valid_email_p,
+             body, extra_headers, bcc)
-            (acs_mail_lite_id_seq.nextval, :to_addr, :from_addr, :subject, :body,
-             :eh_list, :bcc, :package_id, decode(:valid_email_p,'1','t','f'))
+            (acs_mail_lite_id_seq.nextval, :to_addr, :from_addr, :subject,
+             :package_id, decode(:valid_email_p,'1','t','f'),
+             :body, :eh_list, :bcc)