Forum OpenACS Q&A: mentioned in sidebar to Postgres Article in Linux Journal

For those who may have missed it, (and the Why Not MySQL page) got a little plug in a sidebar to an article reviewing Postgres 7.0.2 in the November issue of Linux Journal. I was amazed to see a non-MySQL database article in LJ. 😊

The article itself does not appear to be on the site yet.

And Ben is now more famous too, since the article mentions that he wrote "why not mysql" 😊

I was also amazed to see an article about a database other than MySQL in LinuxJournal. I should note, however, that the Postgres article comes after a MySQL article.

One of the interesting things about the (good) article is that the author likes MySQL a lot, and pointed one the PG's limitations (not allowing UNIONs in VIEWS) like this:

"Other issues, such as the combination of views with unions, bit me (and my clients) on a recent programming project."

However, he did not mention that MySQL does not even HAVE views (the whole tone of the article is comparing PG and MySQL).

Another point that I can't comment on but would love to hear a more informed comment:

"The most pressing issue is probably the 8 KB limitation on each tuple or database row. This means that no row can contain more that 8 KB of data. This affects many parts of the database's operation, from providing only moderate support to BLOBs to preventing developers from creating even moderate-sized tables."

That 8KB limit is, of course, only a default.  You can configure PG touse a blocksize of up to 32KB.