Forum .LRN Q&A: .LRN Meeting Minutes 15/Jul/08

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Posted by Alvaro Rodriguez on
Emmanuelle, Don, Avni, Victor

- We need an Accessibility policy for the dotlrn community: #1 => not compliant code will be rollback or won't be accepted, #2 => pending...

- we need an accessibility statement to publish along with the accessibility page in theme-zen for end users, important things are there: access keys, the accessibility compliance (WAI and 508)

- regarding the easy to fix issues: a. add alt text to images b. make forms work with screen readers c. access keys... etc

- We need to add semantic information to pages, we have added metadata (keywords etc) but it's the same one for all pages so not accurate
- Portlets want to add metadata like "forums"? in what language? does it has to be localized? is there "lang" attribute?, we have template::head::add_meta [ -http_equiv http_equiv ] [ -name name ] [ -scheme scheme ] [ -content content ] [ -lang lang ]

- regarding the form, there's CSS problem: core and .lrn like vertical form, implicit association is: < label >< input>, since label is already a block element, we can't use another block element (div) inside

- emma_r can do a first draft for the policy for the next meeting and write another doc to explain the problems of the remaining checkpoints

- the last point about accessibility is "content added by users", the first step would be to add support for tinymce to allow only well-formed markup, but then all content would have to go through tinymce