Forum OpenACS Q&A: Comdex

Posted by Chris Hardy on
Well, the days of Comdex are fast approaching.  I'm planning out what
I am going to do whilst I am there, and I was wondering if we are
still planning on a OpenACS/Arsdigita/Whoever Get together so we can
meet, chew the fat, etc etc..  Let me know.
2: Response to Comdex (response to 1)
Posted by Adam Farkas on
At last count, ArsDigitans to be on hand include myself, Uday Mathur (he of ACS/Java fame), Jim McManus, and I believe a few other folks from the Berkeley office.

I believe Roberto Mello & crew will be making the trek from Utah.

We haven't set up a formal meeting place, as yet.

It should be a blast!