Forum OpenACS Q&A: Organization &

Posted by Chris Hardy on
Ok, this will be my last post for a bit.. But I've  felt that I don't
always know who's heading up what, with the project.  And the thought
came to me, why don't we use ACS a bit more on  We could
use the intranet (I know, I'm biased) module, and add the developers
in there, and allow them to be split up by project, heck, allow quite
a bit of info to available to the other developers..  Questions?
Comments? Flames? >:)
Posted by Don Baccus on
How about: "Volunteers?"

Actually, one possibility would be to find someone willing to work on the OpenACS website as their project contribution - right now Ben's done the work on the site by himself.  The intranet might well be a help, but would require some babysitting to keep stuff straight.

Posted by Ben Adida on
I don't think the intranet would be very useful for this, and this is
after having used it extensively. I am developing a project
management like tool for OpenForce and which I
hope will take care of this task correctly.

I can absolutely use some help, so I wouldn't mind volunteers to
help out with the web site (especially the demo CVS site).
However, let's stay away from Intranet here since the Intranet is
much more oriented towards client and hour management than
real organization.