Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Update on eduTools and request for Contrib uploads


Everything is finally converging:

2.0 is finally out

Edutools review is up.

New site (running on .LRN) is in the works (hopefully this coming week we will have it up).

.LRN adoption is increasing daily (and this review should help).

Success is upon us! All we have to do in keep on going, the heavy stone is finally at the top of the hill and because of everyone's hard work it is almost round (look out below!). Now all we have to do is keep up with it and poke it in the right directionif it gets off track.


Thanks to everyone!


P.S. They did some SERIOUS editing of the text I submitted (probably after looking at the test install). Seeing that the official .LRN distribution does not contain the bookmarks package yet, it is not surprising that it was edited out. Luckily I have the "extended version" of the text and we can use it where it makes sense.