Forum OpenACS Development: So, Ybos wants to port their FAQ 4.0 module to openACS.

How can we do this?

Adam Farkas was mentioning something about the apm spec allowing for openacs stuff to go side by side with the Oracle stuff, but I can't find any documents that mention this.

Are you guys at a point where it will be useful for us to do this?

We haven't ported the ACS 4.0 core, yet.  Ben's been a bit silent lately (and undoubtably busy).  There's been some thinking we'll want to use PG 7.1 for the port as it includes some new features that will greatly ease the work involved.  PG 7.1 should beta in a couple of weeks, and I'm hoping to find time to start building recent CVS sources in a week or so to start getting in some testing experience.
I posted a more general question about openACS and the APMs here.