Forum OpenACS Q&A: Personalization and OpenACS

Posted by Jason Buchanan on
I'm a web developer that is looking for a personalization solution
for one of my clients. They want to be able to upsell products and
have customer profiles that make it easy for customers to re-order.
Can OpenACS do any of this and if so, what kind of time frame would
it take to implement?
Posted by Don Baccus on
You can do this with OpenACS as the basis, but OpenACS won't "do it for you" out of the box.

There are a couple of approaches you can look into.  You might center the site around the portals module, with the section building blocks being snippets of adp/tcl that pull the user's purchase history and other elements of personalization from the database.  The portals code  arranges these blocks into HTML tables.  Not the prettiest thing on earth, and the portals module is minimalistic at best, but it might be something to check into.

The portals module allows people to modify which of the possible dynamic tables you specify show up on their screen.

The other approach is to simply provide your own pvt/home.tcl page that queries the database for the user's history, putting stuff up
accordingly.  This is the approach I've typically taken, not terribly elegant but certainly not terribly hard.